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Order Help

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How To Order

Creating an account

Don’t have an account yet? Just 3 simple steps and you can start shopping with your account! Here’s how to get started with us:

STEP 1: Go to the ‘Account’ button on the top right corner of your screen.

STEP 2: Fill in your username/email address in the registration form.

STEP 3: Click ‘Register‘ to create an account in, all your details will be kept private.

How to place an order

First time shopping with us? We’re excited to serve you digitally! Here are the simple steps to make an order in our website.

  1. Shop your preferred pattern in the ‘Collection‘ page.
  2. Select your preferred size, we provide ‘S, M, L’, you can view the Size Chart in the product description section.
  3. Click ‘Add to Cart’.
  4. You can either continue shopping, or if you are settled on purchasing your item(s), click on the cart icon on the top right corner and proceed to cart page.
  5. At the Cart page, you will have a final check on your order, if you have confirmed with the order, click ‘Proceed to Checkout’ on the right column.
  6. At the Checkout page, you will be prompted to indicate your shipping/billing information and also your preferred payment mode.


Guest checkout

  • You can checkout with logging in or registering for an account by using Guest Checkout
  • If you don’t have a Uniq account and select Guest Checkout, you will have the option to create an account immediately before you complete the purchase.
  • Order confirmation emails and order-related communication will be sent to the email address you provide during Guest Checkout. Please make sure you provide a valid email address.

5. Before clicking on ‘Order Now’, be sure to review your order as highlighted below:

  • Review your delivery address and choose your payment method. If you are returning customer, both fields will have been saved from your previous transaction. You may make changes by clicking on ‘Change Address or ‘Change Payment’.
  • Note delivery lead time of each item
  • Apply promo code (if any) 
  • Confirm Grand Total Amount

After checking out, you will receive a confirmation email as well as your order details in your email. It’s that simple!

Wishlist / Item Reservation

Your saved shopping bag items will be kept for as long as the product is available. However, these items are not placed on hold and someone else may purchase the item even if it is in your cart.

If that happens, you will be alerted at the cart page that the product is out of stock. To avoid this from happening, hurry snap them up!

Managing Order

Order Confirmation

Upon checking out, you will be given your order number. At this point, the order is not confirmed yet as we need to first run security and finance checks.

Once your order is confirmed, an order confirmation email will be sent to the email address provided by you. The email contains:

  • Your order number
  • The order amount
  • The number of item(s) ordered
  • Your billing and delivery addresses

Change or Cancel an Order

Placed your order but realise you need to make some amendments to your order details?

If you placed your order using Guest Checkout and don’t have a Uniq account, please contact us at +6074288166 / +6074288168 .

Unfortunately, the following changes are no longer possible once you have completed checkout. However, we recommend cancelling your order before proceeding to place a new order with the correct details.

  • Payment methods
  • Voucher application

Change Delivery Address

You’ve just placed an order but realise you’ve made a mistake with your address? If it’s within the hour, please contact our friendly customer service at+6074288166 / +6074288168 and we might be able to tweak your order for you.

If more than two hours have passed, chances are that your order might have already been packed and shipped. In that case, we will not be able to make any changes.


In our initiative to be more environmentally friendly, we are introducing e-invoice!

E-invoicing (also called electronic invoicing) is a form of electronic billing that is used to present and monitor transactional documents.

You will receive them once we have confirmed your order.

Out of Stock Items

Your order has been confirmed but you received an Out of Stock email notification? We are sorry to inform you that this can indeed happen.

Confirmed Orders

We perform stringent quality checks and if your item is the last piece available that failed our checks, we will cancel and refund (for pre-paid) the item even if your order was confirmed. You will then receive the email notification upon cancellation.

Exchange Orders

While we try our hardest to grant your exchange requests, unfortunately we cannot always guarantee 100% availability of your exchange item.

When you submit your exchange request online, be sure that your original return item is returned within 3 days from the date exchange order is confirmed. In cases where exchanges go out of stock, we will proceed to refund you back to your original payment method (except for Cash on Delivery). You will receive an email notification from us once the refund is processed.